Baja California Sur, Mexico
Casa Hogar
~Winston Churchill
Casa Hogar
Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas is an orphanage dedicated to the boys in need in the state of Baja California Sur. It has been open since February, 2008. The orphanage is currently home to 20 boys, 6-14 years of age who have been orphaned or abandoned.
Casa Hogar's goal is to "educate and elevate" each and every child that comes to live with them. At their young age, the boys have not yet learned to despair nor have they lost hope. The staff at Casa Hogar is completely dedicated to these children who are not their own. Each child has designated chores and responsiblities and they all have the opportunity to attend various schools, based on their abilities.
Currently, the orphanage is funded only through donations so the children can be offered education, vocational training and a way to integrate into society as they come of age. But the donations are inadequate to fund their basic needs--they need your help! Casa Hogar needs donations to assist in the daily operations of the orphanage. They also need funds for basic necessities of the orphanage such as educational toys, implementation of basic programs to challenge and improve verbal and social skills and to learn English. They also need outdoor improvements such as something so simple as green grass so the children won't have to play in the dirt. Furniture, clothing, bedding and toiletries are also so desperately needed at Casa Hogar.

We hope you will read this information with an open heart and that it is helpful to you in learning about Casa Hogar is and it's mission.

Visit the Casa Hogar website at

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